Noé Santillán-López


Carmen Beato

José Eduardo Derbez

Tato Alexander

Gustavo Egelhaaf

Edith, she’s been living in the afterlife for a year. On his first day of the dead, he goes down with great emotion to the altar that his three beloved children prepared for him. But far from finding what he expected, he comes across a poor altar and the lives of his children thrown into the boat. Having lost her job, her partners, and her partner; His adult children live in his house again, from which they did not exactly make a home. Desperate, Edith spends her day of the dead stunned by what her eyes see. Upon returning to the afterlife, full of shame and anguish, she finds out that there is a golden ticket, which you can use only once in death to go down… it is a rather mysterious ticket, it does not have an exact duration or a specific occupation… The only thing that is known is that you can only use it once in your eternal stay in the afterlife. Edith decides to use it to go down to fix the lives of her children.

Going downstairs, he encounters endless difficulties, but little by little he overcomes them, until he even manages to speak, through an audio device his children can hear his voice. The joy of the reunion is immense, as well as the intensity that Edith begins to have with the control of her children’s lives… trying to help, ends up muddying her things more. Her children, now adults, want to take care of things themselves… and in a fit of boredom they end up silencing her, turning off all electronic devices. Angry and hopeless Edith spends the last moments of her golden ticket understanding that her children do not want to listen to her. But at the same time, her children begin to miss her advice, her voice, her plans to organize their lives. When they decide to unlock her, it seems to be too late… Edith is back in the afterlife trying to let go of her mother control. Edith in the afterlife takes care of spending time with friends, taking courses she always wanted, dancing, and having fun…. While her children in the here, it seems that they did listen to her because little by little they were recovering their lives… their jobs and partner. That is why when a new day of the dead arrives, Edith goes downstairs, with little hope and finds herself once again with an unexpected scenario…. Not only did her children solve their problems, but they are on track in their career, in their financial life and personal….. the great news is that she will be a grandmother! For Edith this day of the dead is a real party.


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