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Dora Zaryllan

The mother responsible for the room and chosen by the other mothers. the mom who will always seek the good of the children. The best mom of all.

Claudia is a single mother barely staying afloat, juggling her chaotic life, work, making dinner, taking her son Chuchin to school, and do it all with a smile. The good news is that Chuchin just earned a scholarship at a prestigious elementary school, located in the fancier side of town. Chuchin is going to have the opportunities that Claudia didn’t have growing up, and that makes them happy. The bad news is that the other Moms at the school are, perhaps, a bit too personally invested in the school’s curriculum and activities.

Much like in highschool, some cliques never go away. Claudia befriends Matilda and Juliet, the two misfit moms, one in a same-sex marriage with a bit of a sloppy personality, and the other just plain stinky and outspoken. Much like in every kingdom, we have our Queen, Roberta, the alpha, the matriarch, the top dog, she is “La Vocal” of third graders. She seems like a great leader and perfect matriarch, but the underlying truth is she’s a manipulative, self-interested, controlling dictator.

When Chuchin is selected to be the ambassador of the Mathematics Olympiad, Roberta can’t help but show her true colors as she tries to “convince” Claudia that her son is “not cut out for something like this” and that he “doesn’t have what it takes”.

Claudia takes this as a direct offense, and together with Matilda and Juliet, will declare war on Roberta and her “regime”.


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