Alonso Íñiguez


Diana Bovio

Ana Sofía Gatica

Julieta Ortíz

Pierre Louis

Montserrat Marañón

Guillermo Quintanilla

Katixa Mecerreyes

Solkin Ruz

Despite their differences, Caro and Sofia have had a wonderful relationship, and love each other dearly. They’re both finally at a point in their lives where they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately for both, that means two very, very different things. Caro wants to solidify things and get married. Sofia wants to continue on the adventure and wants to officially declare theirs as an Open Relationship.

They plan to share their commitment with each other at Caro’s parent’s 40th Anniversary cabin retreat weekend getaway, celebrating Monica’s and Uriel’s “wonderful” marriage. To Sofia’s surprise, Caro also invited Sofia’s mother, Raquel, who has decided to bring along her boy-toy Pedro, her new 20 years younger boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

With the families gathered around on the first night’s dinner, Caro proposes to Sofia… to unexpected results. Talk about the wrong time and the wrong place. What was seemingly an amazing, romantic idea, turns out to be complete and utter disaster. Secrets, envies, frustrations, both past and new, are all revealed in this weekend getaway between two families who simply never tire of bickering.


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