Gastón Margolín


Matías Mayer

Violeta Urtizberea

Andrea Frigerio

After his girlfriend dumps him on video call, Lautaro Goldmann, a childish and eager junk food eater, returns to his teenage room at his mother’s house. In search of job opportunities, he begins to work filming an institutional video for a powerful real estate businessman at the same time that he makes a video of the rehearsals for a play prepared by a blind theater group called “The Nonsense”.

It is at the Community Center where this group of amateur blind actors rehearses where Lautaro meets Isabel, a talented blind cook with whom, after some arguments and setbacks, he begins a passionate romance. It is then that Lautaro enters Isabel’s world to learn to connect with what surrounds him through his different senses.

However, this love story will start to look darker when Lautaro’s fears lead him to try and change the essence of his girlfriend, at the same time that the real estate businessman’s plans will put Isabel’s Community Center on the verge of being destroyed.

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