We are an independent media and entertainment studio, with the vision of becoming the #1 Intellectual Property Creation Studio designed to serve the needs of the Global Latino audience. Leveraging on our proven expertise and know-how, market knowledge and relationships with top talent and creators, we are able to develop, produce, & distribute original, high–quality, cost–efficient, Spanish language content across multiple genres and platforms.

Our name, Elefantec Global, is composed of three elements.

First, the Elephant. Since ancient times, and in various cultures and territories, represents strength, leadership, patience, spirituality, loyalty, protection, prosperity, always with its feet firmly set on the ground.

Second, technology in constant renewal. We are an agile content studio, in our processes, operations, and systems. Our constant renewal ensures we stay at the forefront, evolving and transforming, not only to adopt, but also to define tendencies in our industry.

Third, our Global approach. We create the most attractive audiovisual projects for the Global Latino audiencie, regardless of territory or platform.


Core Team with 100+ years of joint experience in the Global Latino content marketplace, combining the know-how and know-who across the industry.